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Off-topic blabbering

Have you ever wondered what your name or blog name means to a foreigner? And if they can understand what you are trying to express. Well, I did. I just found Google-translator. What fun!

The blog name: Sailan ikkuna = Saber window.

Window is right. Saber..? Hmmm. I am kind of a saber of the words, I mean I was before this PH became chronical. So one could say the word saber describes me. Hahhahhah: Saber of the words by Saber Island —- 8) Oh my!

Island(=Saari) is really my last name. Saari from Ridankylä, Kälviä. It´s situated in Central-Ostrobothnia in Finland. My fathers family lived there, and his parents with his eldest sister emigrated to the Land of Dreams, U.S.A in the beginning of twentieth century. And they came back to Finland. And off they went again and again. My grandparents, Ida and Matts, bought a farm in Ridankylä called Plusisaari and there they get their finnish last name SAARI (=Island). (By the way: I´ve been told that Ida used to have massive headaches. Just like me. Never had the chance to met her, but I´m happy to have her name: Ida Johanna.)

Well – this Saber is going to have some more strong coffee. PH is stubbern and tries to tier my head off – not a chance PH not a chance! My flowers in my little garden is waiting for me and Hertta. I will go there and put my hands in earth, no matter how I get there but I will. With my cat. And with the help of my walking stick.

This is my walking stick, like a flamingo. She has a will of her own.


Olen Saila. Rakastan paperikukkia. Elämää. Näkemistä. Juoksen ajatuksissani. Kuljen kuten ennenkin, tuntemattomia teitä. / Jag är Saila. Älskar pappersblommor. Livet. Att Se. I mitt huvud springer jag. Vandrar omkring okända vägar som förut. / I´m Saila. Love paperflowers. Life. Seeing. In my mind I run. Wander the unknown ways - like i used to.


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